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Miraj Stories
Children's Islamic Library

Must-have app for every Muslim parent
Prophets and Muslim heroes become role models and friends
Halal alternative to mainstream media
Exciting new way to bring Islamic teachings to life
For kids
For mum and dad
Fun-filled app
makes time fly
Inspiring content
refreshed regularly
Tricky puzzles,
colouring-in and games
For kids
Make family time
fun time
Fantastic value
for money
Thumbs up from scholars
and educators
For mum and dad
Interactive Stories
Audio Books
Animated Stories
Picture Books
Power up motor
skills - click, drag, trace
Your child at the heart
of the action
Moving, talking,
captivating characters
Talking animals tell
the stories of the Prophets
Halal content teaches
a better life
Who knew Islamic history
was such fun?
Improve comprehension
and pro-nunci-ation
A great lesson
in how to listen
Soothing bedtime
Boost reasoning,
creativity and memory
Read it yourself
or choose a narrator
Keep a whole library
in your pocket


Beautiful, thoughtful, engaging content for young Muslims. Parents like myself love the richness of the Miraj stories and interactive learning experiences for our children. Highly recommended.

Peter Gould

Design Executive Officer, Zileej
Sydney, Australia / Dubai, UAE

Our students love listening to the audio books from Miraj. Now, the Miraj Stories app further entices them into learning through its auditory, visual and kinaesthetic platforms.

Hamid Mahmood

Founder & Head Teacher, Fatimah Elizabeth Cates Academy, London, UK

We love Miraj Stories! My children listen to them over and over, on the road and at home! They giggle along and have learnt so much from these well narrated and well written stories!

Nazia Ullah

Mum with her family
Michigan, USA

Miraj is our family’s go-to app for clean, entertaining knowledge. It always has great quality video and audio stories - and its style has nestled into our home like a friend.

Henrietta Szovati

Writer & Development Coach, UK

Miraj Stories has really thought about the details in its audio books. It’s like you can see the story through your ears. These audio masterpieces perfectly complement the rest of the app – interactive books, video stories and range of brain teasing puzzles and games.

Samina Farooq

Dubai, UAE