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Zahrahh, Feb 2021

The Miraj app is like a breath of fresh air. The kids love the stories and nasheeds, and I don’t have to continuously monitor them because I’m worried that they’ll be wasting their time. And the audiobooks are just amazing, as they can listen without spending time on screen. Would give it more than 5 stars if possible.

star star star star star

smallbusiness2374, Jan 2021


This app was so wonderful to use, my children enjoyed reading the stories and interacting within the app. There so many sections that can keep children occupied for hours; puzzles, videos, Arabic letters and stories! Super pleased to find this gem!

star star star star star

Noor.Haidar, Jan 2021

Excellent Islamic app for kids

This is just the most amazing app I’ve been using for our son who’s 6 yrs old now. Kids can learn Arabic and Islamic studies in a very interactive way. The most interesting for me is the picture books which can help the child learn how to read also. There’s no way they will get bored! There are numerous videos and variety of categories to choose from. Very feasible even if we pay for it. No ads!

star star star star star

Sarah Mustabshira, Feb 2021

Super excellent app

Ma sha Allah , words aren’t enough to describe the content , my niece just loved it , being an adult I too loved it , very attractive, child friendly and amazing content for kids ..May Allah reward everyone who is involved in this for bringing such things for today’s children .. Aameen

star star star star star

Khadijah711, Jan 2021

My kids are hooked!

My 3-year old love this! He loves the puzzles, he’s so hooked to it. He loves the shows as well. The older boys are loving it too. This app is informative and educational. It caters the needs of Muslim kids’ learnings. I love that the presentation of the shows are light and easy for the kids to digest and understand, alhamdulillah.

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